Joe Ley Antiques

Going antique shopping is becoming a popular pastime for many people around the United States. Going through garage sales, thrift shops, and many other flea markets has lost its stigma of being cheap and for poor people. Thrift shopping has reached a whole new level of popularity due to various television shows that cover many great finds and bargains in flea markets, and there is even a song about it (Macklemore’s Thrift Shop, anyone?)

Thrift shops and flea markets are a great way to find antiques and collectibles. If you are going through Louisville, your thirst for antiques and rare finds can be satisfied by the many antique stores in the city, such as Goss Avenue Antiques and The Crazy Daisy. The most popular, however, and most visited is the Joe Ley Antiques. This store is presently the largest single-owned establishment in the country, founded by Joe Ley himself.

Being an orphan, Joe Ley began his business by going through flea markets and swap meets and selling them in an alley. He tirelessly scoured the neighboring areas for discarded but otherwise reusable or recyclable items that he would then sell. Eventually he became the go-to guy for quirky and unusual items and collectibles. His persistence made his business boom and now he has an entire four-story house that encompasses an array of anything that any architect, builder, collector, or just-your-average-person can find a delight.

The Joe Ley Antiques is home to a variety of curiosities that can give any shopping experience interesting and worthwhile. Another thing that makes the place more entertaining is how the prices are strangely computed. For those who have move time to spare, going to the Louisville’s Joe Ley Antiques can be a fun way to kill time. Even if you have nothing to buy, browsing through the four floors of peculiar items is a must see for those who are into antique shopping or enthusiasts.

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