How to Avoid Motorcycle Accidents

Riding a motorcycle is an efficient way to cut back your commute. Thanks to the size of your vehicle, you can easily move through tight spots and avoid heavy traffic. You’ll be able to reach your destination in probably half the time it would take for a car. However, these advantages also come with serious risks. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, the number of motorcycle-related fatalities is 30 times more than deaths involving cars. This is because motorcycles aren’t equipped with the same safety features that protect drivers inside a car. A motorcycle rider does not have the protection of a huge metal chassis, as well as seat belts and air bags. When they’re involved in even a minor collision, there’s risk that they could fall of their vehicle and suffer from broken bones and even brain trauma. Thankfully, there are certain precautions riders can take to avoid motorcycle accidents. Lear some of the common motorcycle-related risks and do your part to avoid accidents and injuries. Collisions involving larger vehicles are one of the most common causes of motorcycle accidents. Because of its size, drivers in cars or trucks will often miss motorcycles in blind spots. If you’re a rider, make sure you take extra care when turning or merging into traffic. Sudden stop collisions or rear-ending another vehicle is something else you should watch for. Always keep a safe distance between your motorcycle and the vehicle in front. This type of collision might not be dangerous for those inside the car, but it can cause whiplash and other similar injuries to motorcycle riders. Aside from these common types of collisions, motorcycle riders can also be injured by crashing into open car doors. This is especially true for busy urban areas where several cars will be parked along the street. Always be mindful of your surroundings if you’re driving down a busy street. It would also be best if you stick to the lane prescribed for bicycles and motorcycles. These safety practices can do a lot to diminish the risks that are typically associated with motorcycles. While such precautions aren’t exactly bullet proof, practicing them while on the road can do a lot to keep accidents and injuries at bay. In case an accident still happens despite your best efforts, you might be able to take legal action and receive just compensation. However, your options will differ depending on where you live. If you find yourself in such a situation, it’s best to seek out experienced legal counsel from around your area.

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